Defending the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)'s marriage to 9 year old Ayesha(R.A)

Western nations and their media constantly poke fun at Muslim and Islam by highlighting the marriage of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) to 9 year old Ayesha(R.A). Let's first try to understand why media defame Islam in the first place. Let's dig in.

Once in a while, we get to hear the news of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)'s marriage to 9 year old Ayesha(R.A).They alleged Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) a "Pedophile". It is a blasphemous statement towards this Holy Sacred Prophet of Allah. Unfortunately people are ignorant about the historical times. Million of people(even a billion) does not know the fact that they are many places in the world where we don't have same age for marriage.

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For example, lets take the example of Texas. In Texas, the age for marriage is 14 years but the age for marriage is 21 years in Asian subcontinents such as India,Pakistan etc., Why is this difference? It is pretty straight forward. A girl might reach puberty faster than the girl living in different demographics.

By the way(BTW), what is Puberty? It means that the individual has got matured enough to be sexually reproduce. So, what is wrong in getting married as soon as you reach puberty? There is nothing wrong. Well in fact marrying soon prohibits men and women from committing acts of immodesty.

Coming back to the topic, as per science a girl can reach puberty between age 9 and 15.Don't believe? Well, here is the screenshot from and it is scientific fact. Not some thing I cooked up.

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Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) even before the Prophethood was given the title of "Al Amin". It means "Trustworthy" and people used to trust with their valuables and Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) was known for this honesty and transparency and other noble moral character. After the Prophethood, most of the Quraish rejected his message and used to rebel against him and mock him whenever they find an opportunity to attack him whether verbally or physically.

Even the Quraish and Bedouin does not find this marriage of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him)'s with the 9 year old Ayesha to be some thing which is to be used as a defaming weapon against him(Peace be upon him).

Do you know why? To know why we need to go back and find out the history and know how people used to live at that time. If you say to the college teenager that people who were living before 200 years and beyond, was living on a unstable livestock and were hunting animals to eat and were used to go days without eating. Modern day teenager would find it quite difficult to believe because there was no processed food industry or the cereal or oatmeal or carbohydrate feeding industry were present to put the food right in front of them to eat. Do you agree?

There are many cases in the past(say 200 years back) when the girls of age 9 or 10 would get married. For example,Saint Augustine (350 A.D) married a 10 year old girl.

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In 1400 A.D King Richard II married a 7 year old girl. I just don't understand why media does not highlight these cases to the general public if the Jewish media is not biased to report? Media has a huge bias towards Muslim and the Islam because they need to suppress the meteoric rise of Islam by defaming our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) but more they suppress Islam spreads by leaps and bound. More here.

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Just few decades ago, Men used to marry 12 year old girl in Britain because the girl reaches puberty by that time and capable of sexual reproduction. But it was stopped after the introduction of Marriage Act of 1929.

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If this ceremony and culture of marriage 12 year old girl was okay before 1929? Then imagine the case of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and that too was before 1400 years back. Girls would be easily reaching the age of puberty by the age of 9 and there should not be an issue for the men to marry them. Just remember Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) did not cherry pick women for the marriage but it was at the request of Ayesha's father Abu Bakr Siddique(R.A).

But current Media and the Western culture is okay if the girls of age between 10 and 16 years gets raped or lose virginity(Thanks for boy friend culture) but does not want girls to get married at that age even after they reach puberty. This shows how perverted is the Western society and their culture. Am not saying that everybody in the West is bad but the mindset needs to be changed.

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And until 1983 Roman Catholic canon law also permitted 12-year-old brides, so long as the father gave his permission. Otherwise they had to be at least 14, as is the case today.

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Do you know that in United States, you can legally marry 5 year old girl, because there is some loophole in the system which allow a 40 year old to get married to 5 year old girl? Shocking? Read more here

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And also many people are not aware of the fact that in the state of Delaware, the minimum age for marriage is 7 years in 1880 and in California it was 10 years old. So why make lots of noise for the marriage of Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) to a 9 year old Ayesha? Just remember, the marriage was announced when she was 6 years old but it got consummated when she was 9 years old with the full consent of her parents as well as the bride.

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Points to remember.

Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) has only one wife, Khadijah(R.A) throught out 54 years of age. Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) was 25 years old and he was the most handsome man among Meccan Quraish. Would any one of this modern time would marry 15 older women? Nay we won't because we are womanizer not him. Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) is far away from allegations such as "womanizer" or "pedophile". May Allah forgive me for even uttering it.

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Khadijah was 15 years older than Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) and a widow.

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Ayesha is the only virgin girl Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) married while other women was either widow or divorced by their previous husbands. Would any body from this modern time prefer to marry a widow? and that too 15 years older than themselves?

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I would like to end this blog post by reminding the readers that it is prohibited in Islam to marry a girl who does not have reached maturity and moreover the girl need to give consent voluntarily for the marriage, otherwise the marriage is void.

Western world and the media is ready to accept the boy friend and girl friend culture and even let the less than 5 or 6 year old children to kiss one and another during so called "Valentine Day" (A.K.A "World Adultery Day") and also ready to accept the teenage girl become pregnant due to her boy friend but they can't accept marriage for the couple. This shows how much they are messed up their mindset.