It is raining sexual harassment in Hollywood and Western News media circle.

It is raining sexual harassment in Hollywood and Western news media circle. Thank God, we are getting to know the white collar sexual predators in the Hollywood as well as the News media.


People like Harvey Weinstein who is currently the talk of the town, Ofcourse for bad reasons, likes to abuse their incredible power to bend the rules of the law in their favor. Using such power, he has sexually harassed many actresses and raped a few. There are many actresses who want to pursue their dream to make it big in the industry and some who came to Hollywood for earning bread and butter for them as well as their family.

These emotions of the actresses are nothing in front of Harvey Weinstein and the people alike. They objectify women and make them as sexual objects.

For them women are like piece of flesh which are ready to bite. They think existence of women, are only to fulfill their lust and sexual desire.

Unfortunately, many actresses agrees to sleep with such people for materialistic gains such as getting a big film offer or winner oscars etc., Though, it is not the case with all the actresses. But in Majority of the cases this has become the norm.

Holy Quran says

O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, His mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women;- reverence Allah, through whom ye demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the wombs (That bore you): for Allah ever watches over you. Holy Quran 4:1

So the billion dollar question is who is to blamed for all these sexual harassment? The Media and the Hollywood themselves. They are the one who started this trend of sexually objectifying women in films, media, magazine etc., You need proof? Just see their movies. Women would be in mini short skirt but the hero would be fully covered from head to toe. Need clue? See this below image.

Batman vs Superman

While the Wonder woman is forced to expose her thighs and some of her upper body part. Why is that is the case? Why woman need to expose themselves? (Upper body and Thighs has been blurred)


It is media and hollywood industry which is mostly men dominant, who were actively supporting such acts against woman. They are the one who is responsible for this rape and sexual molestation culture. It is no wonder why United States have highest number of rapes in the world. The so called Super power could not defend their own women from sexual predators and these people want to liberate the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Seriously?

What is currently happening all over the world is forgetting the dignity of woman and forgetting Almighty God made them sacred. In fact both men and women are sacred but women have a special place in the court of Almighty Allah.

We got to get rig of these anti-social elements from the face of the Earth. Our girls and woman need to feel secure whereever they want to go. It is upon the men who are given additional responsibility in protecting the woman.

And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. Quran 2:228

If we don't take care of them then following people will take advantage of the innocent and hapless girls and woman. May Allah protect us from such people.


James Toback

The Hollywood screenwriter and director behind films like "The Pick-up Artist," "The Gambler" and "Bugsy" was accused by multiple women of sexual harassment throughout the years in a piece from the Los Angeles Times.


Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winning actor and director was one of the first to come out and denounce Weinstein's alleged behavior. But then he found himself the target of a sex harassment accusation after old videos began to surface of Affleck on "MTV's Total Request Live" with actress Hilarie Burton. She said Affleck groped her during an appearance on the show, which she co-hosted at the time.


George HW Bush

The 41st president of the United States apologized to an actress after she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that Bush sexually assaulted her while she posed for a picture with him. Heather Lind said Bush touched her inappropriately from behind twice and told her "a dirty joke."


Chris Savino

Nickelodeon fired the creator of "The Loud House" animated show after a dozen women accused him, in a story from the Hollywood Reporter, of "sexual harassment, unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior." The accusers also said Savino would threaten to blacklist women he was no longer involved with.


Roy Price

Price, the head of Amazon Studios, quit five days after being put on leave after a producer accused him of sexual harassment. Price was suspended after a story from The Hollywood Reporter detailing harassment allegations against him made by Isa Hackett, a producer of the Amazon series "The Man in the High Castle."


John Besh

The celebrity chef stepped down from the company he founded after about two dozen current and former female employees accused him and other male workers of sexual harassment.

They described a hostile corporate culture where sexual harassment flourished. The accounts included inappropriate touching and comments from male employees and managers, some of whom tried to leverage their power for sex. Those who complained were berated, ostracized or ignored.


Mark Halperin

At least a dozen women have accused journalist Mark Halperin of sexually harassing them or assaulting them, with at least some of the incidents coming during his time as political director at ABC News. At first, five women accused Halperin of propositioning employees for sex, kissing and grabbing one woman's breasts against her will and other forms of inappropriate touching.

Days later, more women came forward with other claims, including that Halperin masturbated in front of an ABC News employee and that he violently threw another woman against a restaurant window before trying to kiss her.


Michael Oreskes

At the end of October, Oreskes was placed on leave from his position as a top editor at NPR after two female journalists came forward and said Oreskes had made unwanted sexual advances towards them. The alleged incidents happened two decades ago, when Oreskes was working at the New York Times and the women were seeking jobs there. Both women said Oreskes kissed them during career-oriented business meetings. A third accuser, who works at NPR, filed a complaint about Oreskes' behavior in 2015 after she said he "hijacked a career counseling session into a three-hour-long dinner that delved deeply into personal territory."

Oreskes admitted to wrongdoing in an internal memo obtained by CNN.

I am deeply sorry to the people I hurt. My behavior was wrong and inexcusable, and I accept full responsibility,

Oreskes wrote.

To my colleagues, I am grateful for every minute I've had to work with each of you," he wrote. "NPR has an important job to do. Public radio matters so much and I will always be your supporter.


Lockhart Steele

Lockhart Steele, the editorial director for Vox Media, was fired, the company said, after he admitted to "engaging in conduct that is inconsistent with our core values." Vox is also investigating claims made in a blog post by former employee Eden Rohatensky in which Rohatensky accuses multiple co-workers of sexual misconduct, and detailed one particular incident involving "one of the company's VPs" while riding in the backseat of a cab with other co-workers. Rohatensky did not mention Vox or any co-workers by name in the post.

After getting fired a month later "due to lack of productivity," Rohatensky reported what happened with the unnamed VP, but later learned that "his punishment was being told he could not drink at corporate events any longer."

Vox has hired a law firm to look into the accusations, and Rohatensky has met with the investigators.

Bill Oreilly

Bill Oreilly

Bill O’Reilly’s reign as the top-rated host in cable news came to an abrupt and embarrassing end on Wednesday as Fox News forced him out after the disclosure of a series of sexual harassment allegations against him and an internal investigation that turned up even more.

Mr. O’Reilly and his employers came under intense pressure after an article by The New York Times on April 1 revealed how Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, had repeatedly stood by him even as he and the company reached settlements with five women who had complained about sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior by him. The agreements totaled about $13 million.

Since then, more than 50 advertisers had abandoned his show, and women’s rights groups had called for him to be fired. Inside the company, women expressed outrage and questioned whether top executives were serious about maintaining a culture based on “trust and respect,” as they had promised last summer when another sexual harassment scandal led to the ouster of Roger E. Ailes as chairman of Fox News.


Roger Ailes

The public allegations first began when former “Fox & Friends” co-host Gretchen Carlson filed a damning lawsuit in July 2016 accusing Ailes of sexual harassment and sexism. Soon after, several current and former Fox employees, including big names like Megyn Kelly, came forward with stories of harassment and sexual coercion.

Ten women have publicly come forward with their personal accounts, while at least 20 women have privately accused Ailes of some form of workplace harassment, according to Carlson’s legal team. Some of those women spoke out about their experiences using pseudonyms to New York Magazine last July.

The accusations range in time from Ailes’ stint as an executive producer on “The Mike Douglas Show” in the 1960s up to his time as Fox News’ CEO in 2016. Ailes stepped down as CEO in July 2016 and was given a $40 million exit package, which was reportedly twice as much as the payout Carlson received.

The allegations became the story of the summer in 2016, and events transpired quickly. Only 15 days after Carlson filed her initial lawsuit, Ailes stepped down from his position at Fox.

How we can stop these crime against woman? First of all we need to put right things in place.

During the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him), a rapist was punished based on only the testimony of the victim. Wa'il ibn Hujr reported that a woman publicly identified a man who had raped her. The people caught the man and brought him to the Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him). He told the woman to go, that she was not to be blamed, and ordered that the man be put to death.

In another case, a woman brought her infant to the mosque and publicly spoke about the rape that had resulted in her pregnancy. When confronted, the accused admitted the crime to the Caliph Umar who ordered his punishment.

The woman was not punished.

We should have tough laws for sexual predators such as giving death penalty for the rapist. Don't think this would work? Just ask Saudi Arabia where they have this rule in place for the rapist and the result is they, have the least number of rapes on the face of the Earth.

We should have strict punishment for sexual molesters such as chemical castrastion or rigorous imprisonment or life imprisonment. One might ask do we need such punishment in place for sexual harassment? We need to have such things in place and enforced by the police and the government in the same way how the terrorism acts are enforced nationwide.

We need to educate men starting from 5th grade to respect women and we should make this as a school syllabus till they reach graduation. Also we need to have government or private sponsored shows to teach the general audience or general public about this. The government and the law enforcement agencies need to send the strong message to the public that such treatment of women anywhere in the nation will be dealt with strict punishment such as death penalty for commiting rape.

If men don't develop this fear of getting executed for committing rape then such things would keep on happening in the future. Current law of imprisonment of 7 years for rape is nothing but a joke. It is not upto the mark.

We got to toughen the stand against the rapist and the sexual predators like Bill Orielly, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein and many others such that these things do not happen again and women and girls live with peace and harmony and security.

Above list of sexual predators are obtained from these references