Is Blood of Muslim is water

Why there is no solidarity for the Muslims getting killed or massacred in Buddhist's Myanmar or people getting killed in Somalia? Why media make people think that there are less of a human being?

Muslims are getting killed in thousands every single day since the start of the so called "War on terrorism". Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and killed millions of Muslims and created many more terrorist by showing atrocities towards the innocent Iraqi people especially women and children.

Obama came to power in 2008 and removed Gaddafi and in 2011, he started a bigger coup in the form of ISIS (Israeli Secrect Intelligence Services) to destroy Syria and Middle East. Couldn't believe it? See this awesome article here as well as this link

Where is the solidarity for Muslims who were getting killed in thousands in Syria and Palestine and in other Middle East nations if Media is fair? But you find people like Mark Zuckerberg is showing solidarity for ISIS killings in France and other Western nations because people living in Western nations are human being and people in Muslim nations are not human beings. Is that the case?

Media is clearly playing double standards game and it is the meticulous planning of the Zionist Jews ruling this corrupt media as well as the U.S congress and United Nations.