Similarities between Islam and Hinduism.MUST WATCH

This article highlights the similarities between the Islam and Hinduism which most of the Muslims and the Hindus are unaware of and the purpose of this article is to bring both communities closer to peace and harmony.

Many Muslims and Hindus are not aware of the similarities between the Islam and the Hinduism. They are many verses in the Vedas,Upanishads and Puranas etc., have so many quotations and slokas referring to Islam and the Muslims. If you ask any Hindu which book is the most authentic scripture in their religion they would answer as "Bhagavad Gita" but if you ask any learned Hindu scholar then he will reply "Vedas". There is no doubt "Bhagavat Gita" is the most read book amoung the Hindu community but it is not as authentic as the Vedas.

Is Hinduism, a Geographical term?

a-physical-map-of-east-asia-southeast-asia-physical-map-new-south-and-east-roundtripticket-1050-x-1157-pixels Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru said

The word Hindu can be earliest traced to a 8th century and it was used initially to describe the people, it was never used to describe religion. (The discovery of India on page 74 and 75)

The word Hinduism was first used by the English writers in the 19th century to describe the multiplicity of faiths of the people of India.

In Encyclopaedia Britannica it says,

The word Hinduism was first used by the British writers in the year 1830 to describe the multiplicity of the faiths of the people of India excluding the converted Christians. (Volume 20, Reference 581)

Swami Vivekananda said,

The word Hindu is a misnomer, the correct word should be a Vedantist, a person who follows the Vedas.

because the fundamentals of the religion are based on the things mentioned in the Vedas. Let's dive in to the similarities between the Islam and the Hinduism.

Oneness of God in Hindu scriptures

four-vedas For Muslim, the Most Sacred Book is the Holy Quran and the Sahih Hadith. Holy Quran is the number 1 and the Sahih Hadith comes next. There are 2 kinds of book in Hinduism.

One is called Shruti which is the divine origin and the other is called Smriti which is learned or remembered by the human being. The Most Sacred of the scripture for Hindus are the Vedas. There are 4 types of Veda. Following Vedas comes under Shruti which is divine translation.

  • Rig Veda
  • Yajur Veda
  • Sam Veda
  • Atharva Veda

If anything contradicts with the Vedas then Vedas should be followed. Following are the references which matches with the Holy Quran regarding the concept of God.

Holy Quran says,

Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

Holy Quran Chapter 112 verses from 1 - 4

Verses from Holy Vedas.

God is only one without a second. Chandogya Upanishads Chapter 6 Section 2 Verse 1.

God is Supreme Lord of all the Worlds. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 verse 3

God has no father or parent. Shvetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 6 Verse 9

God has no likeness. Shvetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 Verse 19

God is imageless. Shvetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 Verse 20

All those whose intelligence has stolen by materialistic desire they worship demi god. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 verse 20

God has no images. He is unborn and only he should be worshipped. Yajurveda 32:3

God is imageless and pure. Yajurveda 40:8

They are entering darkness who are worshipping idols. Yajurveda 40:9

Verily, Great is Almighty God. Atharvaveda Book 20 Hymn 58 Verse 3

Truth is one. God is one. Sages call him by varieties of name. Rigveda Book 1 Hymn 164 Verse 46

Truth is one. God is one. Sages call him by varieties of name.(same message repeated at Hymn 114) Rigveda Book 10 Hymn 114 verse 5

There are 33 different attributes given to God and one of it is Creator and other is Sustainer. Rigveda Book 2 Hymn 1

God is the Creator. God is the Sustainer. Rigveda Book 2 Hymn 1 Verse 3

kaaba-186622 640

He alone deserve worship. Rigveda Book 8 Hymn 1 Verse 1

Praise him alone. Rigveda Book 6 Hymn 45 verse 16

There is only one God,not a second one. Not at all, not at all,not even in the least bit Brahama Sutra

Allah is mentioned by Name in Hindu Scriptures

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The Word "Allah", which refers to Almighty God in Arabic, is also mentioned in

  • Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1 verse 11
  • Rigveda Book 3 hymn 30 verse 10
  • Rigveda Book 9 hymn 67 verse 30 There is an Upanishad by the name Allo Upanishad.

Anthropomorphism (God taking human form on Earth?)

Many Hindus believe in Anthropomorphism which is God taking the form of human being.

Hindus says that the God Almighty is so Holy that he does not know about the feelings and shortcomings of the human being and they become human being to learn of this short coming.

Let's say if I create a Television set, Do I need to become television set in order to know about the shortcomings of the TV set? Simple answer is NO. Rather I would write a manual or a documentation which instruct the Dos and Don't to be followed with the Television set.

But the most Holiest of Book amoung the Hindus is the Vedas which does not talk about this concept of God taking human being form. But rather it talk about the concept of "Rishis" which is God choosing one among the human being, to whom he talks and communicate on a higher level to instruct the mankind. Such choosen men are called Messengers and Prophets of God and the last and final revelation to the mankind is the Glorious Quran.

Some people may argue why God cannot become human being because if he is God then he can do whatever he wants. Sounds good but it is illogical. Because characteristic of God and human being are different and they are.

  • God is Immortal and Eternal but humans beings aren't
  • God does not require to sleep but human being need to sleep.
  • God does not need to reproduce but human beings need to reproduce.
  • God does not need to eat but human beings need to eat.

That's the reason Holy Quran says "Allah has power over all the things" but never says that Allah can do all the things but rather Allah has absolute power and absolute control over everything. Allah cannot lie, cannot do injustice because those things are unholy and does not befit his Majesty and Supremacy.

Say, "Whether you conceal what is in your breasts or reveal it, Allah knows it. And He knows that which is in the heavens and that which is on the earth. And Allah is over all things competent. Holy Quran 3:29

Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) is mentioned in the Vedas

According to Bhavishya Purana in the Pratisarag Parv III, Khand 3, Adhyay 3 Shalokas 10 to 27 Maharishi Vyas has prophesied:

"The Malechha have spoiled the well-known land of the Arabs. Arya Dharma is not to be found in the country. Before also there appeared a misguided fiend whom I had killed; he has now again appeared being sent by a powerful enemy. To show these enemies the right path and to give them guidance the well-known Muhammad (Mohammad) who has been given by me, the epithet of Brahma, is busy in bringing the ‘Pishachas’ to the right path.

O Raja, you need not go to the land of the foolish Pishachas, you will be purified through my kindness even where you are. At night, he of the angelic disposition, the shrewd man, in the guise of a pischacha said to Raja Bhoj, O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been made to prevail over all religions, but according to the commandments of Ishwar Parmatama, I shall enforce the strong creed of the meat eaters.

My followers will be men circumcised, without a tail (on his head), keeping beard, creating a revolution announcing Adhan (call for prayer) and will be eating all lawful things.He will eat all sorts of animals except swine. They will not seek purification from the holy shrubs, but will be purified through warfare. On account of their fighting the irreligious nations, they will be known as Musalmaans. I shall be the originator of this religion of the meat-eating nation."

The Prophecy states that

  • The evildoers have corrupted the Arab land.
  • Arya Dharma is not found in that land.
  • The present enemies will be destroyed just as the previous enemies like Abraha had perished.

The Qur’an speaks about these sorts of previous enemies

in Surah Al Fil,

"Seest thou not how thy lord dealt with the Companions of the elephant? Did He not make their treacherous plan go astray? And He sent against them flights of Birds Striking them with stones of baked clay Then did he make them like an empty field Of stalk and straw, (of which the corn) has been eaten up. (Al Qur’an 105:1-5)

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has been given the title Brahma to guide the opponents of truth.

  • The Indian Raja need not go to Arab land since his purification will take place in India after the Musalmaan will arise in India.
  • The coming Prophet will attest the truth of the Aryan faith i.e. Monotheism and will reform the misguided people.
  • The Prophet's followers will be circumcised.
  • They will be without a tale on their heads, they will keep beards and they will create a great revolution.
  • They will announce the adhan i.e. ‘call for prayer’.
  • He will only eat lawful things and animals, but will not eat pork.

The Qur’an confirms this in no less than 4 different places:

  • In Surah Al-Baqarah chapter 2 verse 173
  • In Surah Al-Maidah chapter 5 verse 3
  • In Surah Al-Anam chapter 6 verse 145
  • In Surah Al-Nahl Chapter 16 verse 115

"Forbidden for you for food are dead meat, blood, flesh of swine and that on which had been invoked the name of other than Allah.They will not purify with grass like the Hindus, but by means of sword they will fight the evil-doers. They will be called Musalmaan.They will be a meat-eating nation.

The Qur’an permits humans to eat herbivorous animals in Surah Maidah chapter 5 verse no. 1 and in Surah Mu’minoon chapter 23 verse 21

Why Hindus in large number still worship Idols and Images?

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We have just quoted the references in previous section about the Oneness of God in Hinduism or Vedantist as well as the Last Rishi Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) prophesized in the Holy Vedas. But yet you still find Hindus worshipping images and idols in large number. The reason for this is because they are not aware of their own religion and there is no culture among Hindus to educate their children or themselves about the Vedas and Upanishads.

Hindus would argue that only Brahmins are permitted to read the authentic scripture and others are not allowed. This mindset contributes to the Hindus worshipping the idols nonetheless how many verses of Vedas you quote to them about the Oneness of God Almighty.

Some Hindus try to find excuse for doing idol and image worship and they say "When the child is small we can't teach this oneness of imageless God so we put up the picture in front of the child so that he understand about the God and perhaps when he grows to maturity then he will understand about the Oneness of God in Vedas". Because of this mentality we find Hindus worshipping images and idol in large number.

Fundamentals are taught to the child when they are young and trait such as honesty, modesty,kindness, passion,tolerance etc., are taught and best understood when kids are still young and it is stick to them for their lifetime.You can't teach the child that 1 + 1 = 5 and think that they will learn correctly when they grow up is incorrect.

Similarly, Oneness of God should be taught to the children when they are young.

BJP, RSS and Hindutva groups does not want Hindus to learn about Vedas

Bharatiya Janata Party logo

Another reason why Hindus worship Idols and images in large number is due to the groups and political parties like BJP,RSS, VHP(Hindutva groups umbrella) does not want Hindus to learn about the Oneness of God because if people understand the Oneness of God then their political game would end in no time and they will lose the influence on the people and hence lose their power control using which they are making money and creating mischeif with vote banking by dividing Hindus and Muslim.

Remember that there is just one major difference between Muslims and Hindus and that is, Hindus say "All things are God(Pantheism)" and Muslims says "Everything thing belongs to God(Monotheism)." Basically it is difference of "All are Gods(Hindus)" and "All are God's" and it just a apostrophe S.

If this apostrophe S is removed then we Muslims and Hindus would be united.

India has the potential to become World Superpower

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Britishers have this policy of Divide and Rule and they made sure that the Muslims and the Hindus do not live in peace and harmony. When India got the independence from the Britishers in the year 1947, they left behind this policy of Divide and Rule which most of the Indian politician picked up and implemented it, if not all the politicians.

Do you know that in India every day communal riots take place between Muslims and Hindus and almost all the time it had been engineered by the politicians for their vote bank.

People keep saying that "Politicians add fuel to the fire" but we do not agree because we believe "Politicans add fire to the fuel" and cause the destruction of the nation for their power control and influence over the people.

Do you know Japan predicts(made in early 2000s) that India will be the superpower of the world in the next 20 years?

Yes we can become Superpower if we Muslims and the Hindus are united and that could only happen if we resolve our religious differences by going back to our Holy Scripture and realizing that there is no god but One Creator, Sustainer of all the worlds and Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) is the Last and final Messenger.


Seeing the word,they see not and hearing the word they hear not Rigveda Book 10 Hymn 71 verse 4

Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves while you recite the Scripture? Then will you not reason? Holy Quran 2:44

Deaf, dumb and blind - so they will not return to the right path. Holy Quran 2:18


O mankind, the truth has come to you from your Lord, so whoever is guided is only guided for the benefit of his soul, and whoever goes astray only goes astray in violation against it. And I am not over you a manager.Holy Quran 10:108

We pray to Allah Almighty to cause all the human being to realize their purpose of creation on the face of the Earth and grant us the guidance in order to attain the salvation in the Hereafter and admit us into the Eternal Garden of Bliss forever and ever. Aameen.