Top 8 Reason why ISIS is anti-Islamic

Everywhere you turn on your TV sets or put on mobile devices to get the latest information in the world, we easily get the news about ISIS which is so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Here on Truth Engine Land we are here to expose the lies spread by the fake news media corporation. Here are the top 8 reason why ISIS is another deception by the Fake News CORP showdown.

Reason No: 1. They kill and massacre Muslims

ISIS call themselves as establishing the Islamic caliphate to lead the Muslim world against evil Western powers, but end up killing Muslims men, women and children mercilessly. Does that make any sense? You kill and massacre the followers themselves? It is like telling that CEO of Facebook wants to create social media by killing people? Make sense? Nay!

If followers are killed in millions on a per year basis then what would remain? If ISIS was indeed was for Muslims caliphate then they would have stopped long before, as they could see millions getting killed right in front of their eyes. They also mainly targets Muslim priest or Imam, so that right Islamic teachings does not reach to the young generation, which help them to brainwash people to achieve their political means. Even the worst of Muslims have great respect for the Imam of the Masjid.

ISIS Kills Muslims

Reason No: 2 They destroy sacred Mosque.

It doesn’t matter how bad you as a Muslim, even an worst Muslim living on the face of the Earth would not dare to think himself bombing mosque.Because it is sacred to the Muslims and no Muslim won’t think of bombing mosque just because his enemies are occupying it. Would any Christian or a Hindu blow up Church or a Temple respectively? The Answer is strong NO.

ISIS destroy Masjid

Reason No 3: They attacked Madina, 2nd Holy Sacred Mosque.

Last year Ramadan 2016, they attacked the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) mosque which goes beyond all the limits and truly show the colors of ISIS and their intention. Their intention is to try kill Islam from the face of the Earth, in the disguise as a Muslim and cause trouble to Muslims as much as possible.

They attacked Madina, 2nd Holy Sacred Mosque.

Reason No 4: They attacked Mecca , Holiest Sacred Mosque in the world.

This year Ramadan 2017, they attacked Mecca, the Holiest shrine of Islam which again cements the belief that ISIS is not Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but better called as Israeli Secret Intelligence Services and Israel is mischievous in doing things like these. No Muslim even if forced to do such act of violence would hesitate to come forward and commit such heinous crime. They are not at all, Muslims even in the least.They are better called as Khawarij as Prophet Muhammad(Peace be upon him) informed us about such people before centuries ago.

They attacked Mecca , Holiest Sacred Mosque in the world

Reason No 5: They are better known as Khawarij. Not Muslims.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) informed us about such group of criminals who would cause more trouble than anyone else and they are the one who would join the army of Dajjal at the end of time. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

At the end of time (meaning: the last days of the world), there will appear some people among you who are young in age, immature and senseless; they will use the best of the speech of the people in their claims, and they will leave Islam just as the arrow pierces the body of the game and then abandons it. (Bukhari)

The Prophet said: They recite the Quran but it does not go past their throats, meaning that the teachings of the Quran do not enter their hearts, nor do they understand or comprehend them.

They quote the Quran and Hadith to their perverted purposes.They insult and defame Muslim leaders, declaring them to be misguided. Their [ideological] ancestor was a man [Dhu Al-Khuwaisirah] who said to the Messenger of Allah as he was distributing war booty: “O Muhammed, be just (in your distribution) I do not see you acting justly.”

The Messenger of Allah replied: “Woe to you! Who is just if I am not just?” Enraged by Dhu Al-Khuwaisirah’s insolence, ‘Umar said: “O Messenger of Allah, allow me to kill him!” But the Messenger of Allah did not permit ‘Omar to do so and said: You will slight your prayers and fasting in comparison to their prayers and fasting; and they will go to the extreme in the religion until they abandon it altogether.

They appear in times of disunity and strife (mentioned in a hadith reported by Bukhari and Muslim). .The Khawarij do not hold the scholars and people of knowledge in high esteem if their opinions do not conform with theirs.They mercilessly kill Muslims if they go against their way or ideology and they don’t even spare a pregnant woman.

They are better known as Khawarij, Not Muslims

Reason No 6: They are funded by enemies of Islam.

Have we asked this question how come they get weapons from? Tanks and the Toyota cars and the guns of all ranges? They are terrorist groups not soldiers of some country. But it look like they are getting some hidden help from vested interest to destroy Middle East’s Muslim nation.

Mainstream media is discussing about Saudi Arabia,Qatar involvement in providing cash to the ISIS. Seriously? Media? It would be better suited if you guys could have said it is Israel behind the creation of ISIS and they are using it to bulldoze Middle East Muslim nation in order for it to systematically establish Greater Israel.

Why would Middle East nation would dig up their grave by providing money to ISIS? It does not make any sense even in the least. It make more sense that US and Israel are behind the creation of ISIS as they are one who were behind the creation of Al Qaeda when they want to take down Soviet Union.

Reason No 7. ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Services

Remember King David Hotel bombing where the member of Irgun carried out the bomb blast in the disguise of Arab men so that British lose complete faith on Palestine people and support Israel wholeheartedly. They are masters in doing these mischievous act and we are seeing this similar thing in the form of ISIS. Their aim is killing 2 birds with one stone.

With ISIS as a stone, defame Islam in the media they control and mercilessly kill Muslims with the weapons they provide, in the way how they kill Palestinian people during 1945 invasion of Palestine. They are secretly fund ISIS and ISIL in Middle East with money and weapons to the above mentioned Khawarij group who are namesake Muslims trained to kill Muslims at large. See below links for more information.

Here, Hillary Clinton talks about Al Qaeda how they created them in the first place to defeat Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Here we have explanation why Western power created ISIS.

Reason No 8: Western Allies Corporate Benefits from ISIS.

Western corp benefits from Syrian war

Mainstream media manufacture the story of Syria in such a way that it shows that a war is going on in Syria by its Premier on its own people and United States should do something about it. By forming this stories day and night, it is trying for justification for war with Syria. But the war will come at a price and it would be from American soldier lives and citizens tax paying money. Actually going into war would help, just the private industry and the politicians as they could reduce the debt burden which is getting piled on since the inception and banking interest crap as well as credit card deception. Showing to the world that they are going to war with Syria in order to establish democracy there but in reality they do the opposite of it. They end up killing millions of innocent people and displacing them by relentless bombing in and out of their nation. We are seeing this as pattern since the Gulf War and continued the same with Afghanistan and Iraq and now with Libya, Yemen and Syria.

In the year 2000,Robert F Kennedy reported Qatar proposed a gas pipeline which would traverse from Qatar, Jordan,Saudi Arabia, Syria,Turkey into Europe as they will get hooked onto the world’s natural gas repository and also they will have cheaper access. But Russia sells almost 70% of the gas to Europe and Qatar pipeline would put Russia out of business in the near future. Moreover, Syria’s premier Basshar does not want to go with Qatar proposed pipeline and endorsed Russian pipeline which would go from Syrian through Iran and in some ports in Lebanon.

Therefor, Syria rejected this in the year 2009 and Qatar planned for the Sunni uprising in Syria to overthrow its Premier. Israel was also hell bent on derailing the Russian proposed pipeline to Iran so Israel and US joined the game and planned for the CIA coup and it is all orchestrated in the Spring 2011. It was shown how the small people protesting and demonstrating against Bashar Al Assad and made it formed into full blown civil war in Syria with the help of Syrian rebels trained by CIA as well as pulling in ISIS from Iraq to bulldozed Syrian in and out.

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