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Is Blood of Muslim is water?

Created on :18 Mar 2018 Updated on 5 May 2018

Why there is no solidarity for the Muslims getting killed or massacred in Buddhist's Myanmar or people getting killed in Somalia? Why media make people think that there are less of a human being?

List of White supremacist incidents as reported by the media

Created on :28 Apr 2018 Updated on 28 Apr 2018

Media and Politicians are worried about Islamic Jihadist but at the same time they forget about the White nationalist terrorist who are far more dangerous than any Islamic outfit because themselves support such acts and underreport such incidents.

White supremacist terrorism

Created on :26 Nov 2017 Updated on 28 Apr 2018

Do you believe Mainstream media is fair in reporting the truth to the general public? I wish it is. But it is not the case when it comes to report Non Muslim terrorism such as White supremacist and other terrorist who are not Muslims.

Top 6 reason why Muslims should stay away from Bitcoin

Created on :14 Mar 2018 Updated on 1 Apr 2018

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is decentralized by design for doing peer to peer transaction and there is no need of any centralized entities like Bank to transfer money or entities between two people as long as it is digital assets.

Top 8 Reason why ISIS is anti-Islamic

Created on :26 Nov 2017 Updated on 24 Jan 2018

Everywhere you turn on your TV sets or put on mobile devices to get the latest information in the world, we easily get the news about ISIS which is so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The things which US President Trump wouldn't dare to touch it. Crime against Women.

Created on :30 Dec 2017 Updated on 24 Jan 2018

With every election, the U.S people are distracted from the most pressing issues concerning them but yet media always deluded them by focusing energy on other silly issues. Here are the top 5 things which U.S politicians and media should be concerned of.