Non Muslim terrorism in the Modern World which media underreport on purpose

Non Muslim terrorism in the Modern World which media won't report

Media is one of the most corrupt entities on the face of the Earth. It has the power to make the white into black and black into white, from hero to zero and from zero to hero. It can do all these things thanks to the ignorant people who are subscribed to their channels and who does not bother to cross check the information given by the media. They are just ready to consume whatever lies media has to throw at them. Unfortunately, even the educated people get brainwashed by this same media as they don’t perform their due diligence especially regarding Islam and Muslim.

Media Hypocrisy

Many times media does not report terrorism or murder committed by the Non Muslims i.e., Christians, Jews,  Hindus, Sikh or White supremacist and they underreport them by just running a marquee across their channel and does not get highlighted in the headlines.

They are only there to highlight terrorism committed by Muslims so that they can create fear in the minds of the people which are good for the politicians and evil corporation(who run the 95% media biz) who can justify so called “War on Terrorism”.

Invading countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen etc., so that they loot resources such as Afghanistan,Oil(Iraq) and Gas(Syria), in order to tackle the U.S debt time bomb ticking over their head.

President Donald Trump was right when he mentioned that media underreport terrorism committed. But at the same time he was wrong that media under report terrorism committed by Muslims. Well, in fact, it is the other way around.

Reseach found Biased reporting

According to one study here, if a Muslim commits a murder or terrorism then it gets 400% more media coverage. But it is not the case with the Christian or Jew. Why is this double standard? The so called vanguard of freedom of speech? Study also find that the Muslim committed just 12.4 percent of attacks between the period 2011 and 2015 but received 41.4 percent of media coverage.

These kinds of things make Americans scary and fearful of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” as concocted by the media and such fear are baseless. Who suffers because of this corrupt media? The innocent Muslims all over the world who are facing backlash due to Islamophobia created by media to benefit their masters for the war game.

Events of Under reporting by evil Media

US scientist studied the U.S paper media coverage and counted all the terrorist act happened in the U.S soil and they found out that the Boston Marathon bomber who killed 3 people received 20 percent of all media coverage across the news channel for the period 2011 and 2015.

Contrary to this, the terrorist attack which took place in the year 2012 in Wisconsin at Sikh temple left 6 people dead and it was done by Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist, received just 3.8 percent of all the media coverage. Fake News at its best.

Wade Michael Page
Wade Michael Page

At another terrorism incident which took place in Charleston, South Carolina which left 9 people dead in the African American Church was done by Dylann Roof, a white American national received just 7.4 percent of media coverage,and also the attack in 2014 at Kansas synagogue by Frazier Glenn Miller left 3 people dead but just receive 3.3 percent of media coverage.

Wade Michael Page
Dylann Roof
Wade Michael Page
Frazier Glenn Miller

In another incident happened in Portland, Oregon where Jeremy Christian killed Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche on a train when they were trying to stop Jeremy berating 2 Muslim women. In another hate crime at University of Maryland when 23 year old Richard Collins III was killed by Sean Urbanski.

Wade Michael Page
Jeremy Christian
Wade Michael Page
Sean Urbanski

In another high profile incident where 51 year old Adam Purinton of Kansas shot and killed Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an indian techie at a bar in Olathe, Kansas. Jackson killed 66 year old Timothy Caughman with an 18 inch blade and for this he drove from Baltimore to New York City in order to killing black people.

Wade Michael Page
Adam Purinton
Wade Michael Page

All of this incidents are mentioned above, easily come under the definition of terrorism according  to the research conducted by the Georgia State University and they all had been committed by Christians White Supremacist or Non Muslims. Why does media is having such a bias against Muslims and Islam? Why are they trying to defame Islam and Muslims?

We also have incidents that took place in Britain with the killing of British MP who was killed by Thomas Mair. In February 2015, 3 Muslim youth from Palestine were killed by 46 year old man Craig Stephen Hicks in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In April 2015, A group headed by Robert Doggart of Tennessee was arrested as he was plotting to kill members of the Muslim community in New York State.

Wade Michael Page
Craig Stephen Hicks
Wade Michael Page
Robert Doggart

We have high profile terrorist in the form of Ku Klux Klan member named Glendon Scott Crawford and his partner in crime Eric Freight who plotted to kill large number of Muslims with radiation.

Wade Michael Page
Glendon Scott Crawford
Wade Michael Page
Eric Freight

Recently incident took place in Finsbury Park, North London where a driver of a van hit a group of men praying outside of a Masjid in the month of Ramadhan. Fortunately, the suspect was instantly subdued and arrested and taken into judicial custody.

Wade Michael Page
Van driver who attacked Muslim prayer in Mosque at Finsbury Park, North London

White Supremacist Terrorism is a Bigger Threat to United States

According to the report by The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal found that there are almost twice as many terrorist incidents committed by the white supremacist as compared to Islamist extremists for the period between 2008 and 2016 in U.S.A.

President Donald Trump is silent in spite of these white terrorist attacks. Because he had been brainwashed by the so called “Fake News” and does not count any murder as terrorism unless if it is committed by the Muslim. The research also found out that there are 201 terrorist incidents took place in U.S for the period 2008 and 2016 and 115 cases was committed by the white supremacist ranging from militias to “sovereign citizens” as compared to 63 cases by so called “Islamist extremist”

Clearly, Media is biased against Muslims and Islam and they only interested to highlight the murder and terror cases when committed by Muslims otherwise they tend to hide from the people as much as they can to conceal the truth from the general public, as it is the case with white supremacist. By doing this, media becomes a clear supporter of white supremacist group.

No concrete action against White supremacist yet

President Donald Trump does not took any action against these white supremacist group to stop such attacks in the future but always ready to take action against so called “Islamist extremist” when the statistics show far right terrorism is more dangerous than the so called “Islamist extremism”.

It is because of this media attitude we are seeing the rise of Islamophobia which creates unnecessary violence between Muslims and Non Muslims communities who otherwise would love to share neighbourhood with love and harmony and peace. If we left these radicalization of white supremacist unchecked then we have more trouble in the future as they are getting little attention from the media on purpose and almost no action from the politicians and law enforcement department.

Central African Republic convoy of Christian terrorism against Muslim African minorities

Wade Michael Page
Central African Region Christian Radicals

Media completely ignores Christian terrorism from Central Africa where they have killed thousands of Muslim and forcing Muslim to flee and vacate their homes and their families. Mosques and the other places of Muslim worship also been burnt down by these Christian terrorist and they even step up roadblocks to prevent escaping of helpless Muslim. Did we hear these incidents from Media? If Media is honest and report terrorism as it is?

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    Rohingya Muslim massacre by the Buddhist terrorist in Myanmar(Burma)

    Wade Michael Page
    Myanmar Muslim Massacre

    Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine state are suffering from worst human crisis. They are being killed and massacre by Buddhist terrorist who are led by their Buddhist Monk leaders who instigate and plan for systematic ethnic cleansing of Muslims from their land. Muslims are living their for hunderds of year but still denied citizenship and moreover they are state sponsored for the ethic cleansing of the Muslims. Muslim women are gang raped by these Buddhist monk followers or soldiers and thousands of Muslim men had been burnt alive. Former U.S President Barack Obama visted the country during these killings but does not do anything to stop this crime. Why? Because U.S ecomomy is getting a boost from trading from Myanmar so he doesn't care about Muslim massacre. But wait a second but he send thousands of troops to Syria to protect Syrians. Correct? Actually, if it benefits U.S then they will send troops otherwise they are least bother as in the case of Myanmar and Central African Region. Coming back to our context, does Media reported such events to the Western Audience? Fox News? CNN, MSNBC,CBS,BBC,Washington Post? It shows how media is deceiving Western audience is showing Muslims are the only terrorist and there is no body beside Muslim does anything of terrorism. More here

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    Hope the general public is aware of such white supremacist incidents and the statistics presented here appeal to any rational person and people realize that white supremacist terrorism is indeed a problem and more dangerous than the Islamic extremist. They both needed to be suppressed at the root level and media should stop using the term "radical Islam" to indicate Muslim black sheep as Islam has nothing to do with it.See this. If they are just then they should also use "Christian radical" or "Jewish Radical" to indicate Christian or Jew black sheep for fair reporting.